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Yup, it's come to this. Most entries from now on will be Friends Only. If you wanna add me, go ahead, and I'll add you back if we have the same interests and you're not a jerk.

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I'm really slow and have only just discovered this song and it's simply the best thing ever, lmao. It's on my myspace now. >_>;; GO LISTEN OMGZ XDD Random question about myspace too.. uh, you know how my profile is all retarded and transparent? How do you make it stop do that? YAY BAD ENGLISH. If no one knows I'll figure it out later. XD;;

Do you wanna know how many times I've played Age Of Empires in the past two days? Like, uh, SIX TIMES WTF. I'm so bored. XDD But going out today, so whatev.

So.. talked to Luke yesterday. o_____o On MSN. Which was cool. He's def. coming to college next year.. why am I saying next year? It's less than a month away. XD He's coming to the LostprophetsxFromFirstToLast at Reading too, which is awesome. His GCSE results were way better than mine wtf. He was really nice to me. And we talked for about an hour. But.. I dunno, something still isn't right. I don't know if I'm just majorly paranoid or I majorly fear rejection or something, but I totally can't tell him that I totally censored censored him too. X_______X I don't knooooooow. I'm just gonna wait until I see him in person. And jump on him. And be like, JFHJFF, and it'll be fun. o_____o; Yeah, that reminds me, what day do A Levels start? >___>;; Mostly cause that'll be when he starts, and mostly cause.. uh.. I need to know cause I'm doing one. XDD

Going now. I should be getting speakers and Shoxx today! I can't believe some of Shoxx has already been scanned! :O! Oh well, I'll scan more cause I'm more generous. >_> pfft.
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whoa. o_o;


Western Hemisphere:-

[03] Avril Lavigne
[03] t.A.T.u.

Eastern Hemisphere:-

[09] Alicenine
[01] Ayabie
[08] bis
[06] D
[05] DongBangShinGi
[12] Gazette
[04] Gilgamesh
[01] Kagerou
[03] Kagrra,
[01] Lolita23q
[02] Mask
[27] Nightmare
[02] Psycho le Cemu
[01] Utada Hikaru

[88] TOTAL


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Bah bah bah

Got shitloads of comments for my scannage, and loads of requests for bigger ones. St00pid Photobucket resizes everything. -.- But yeh, I should do volunteer work or something. Feels nice to help people. :D [/geek moment]

Two random photos. One from results day, one from today.

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Expect Rush IV DVD Screencaps

Sorry to all my non-jrock people stalking me, but I had to post these here. x_x On this page are... 203 screencaps of the Dvd that came with my Expect Rush IV magazine. So if you have a slow connections, you may have to wait a while. These caps include the bands Sid, Ayabie, Alice Nine, An Cafe (*coughporncough*), 12012 and KuRt. I knooow I'm gonna have alot of people bugging me to upload the clips, but the last time I tried downloading a program that could rip DVDs on my other computer, it made it lose the internet and my hard drive almost exploded. So.. I don't really wanna try anything like that again. You can probably find these clips floating around somewhere. I've seen the Ayabie bit on Tonberry and many Lj communities, so, keep searching! Or bug other people who have this Dvd. I'm so sorry, but I really don't wanna risk messing my computers up again, I've only just almost gotten them back to normal, the internet still work on my other one though. So ANYWAY, enough of me rambling, here are the caps. I'll try and explain whats going on as well. Try anyway.. XDD --> [Collapse )
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I got my Expect Rush IV magazine and DVD today. ^.^ Happy me. I scanned the main bands from it (you may have noticed it from jrock_scans), and how many comments have I gotten? 32. Wow. I only posted it like... two hours ago? Wowzers. I have to post the screencaps from the DVD here. Sorry non-jrock people on my friends list. x.x But whatev.
Today, I went with my parents to the Hilton restaurant, cause my dad's boss gave us a free meal, for some reason. Sexual favours I assume (o.O) and I've had too much sugar. I had this friggin massive chocolate dessert, some mints and some sugar cubes. Nwahaha. I'm going to stay up extra late writing fanfics tonight. =3
Oh, and new background! Yaay! Image credit goes to... *drum roll*.. ME! 'Cause I scanned it. 'Cause I pwn like that. Hiroto = Sex. Yay.
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Kerrang Awards

The ugliest award ceremony in the world was yesterday. Here's who won, blah blah, etc, etc.
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Anyone wanna come with me to see The Rasmus? ;.; They're really good. Honestly. .. Seriously. o_O Why does everyone think I'm joking gawdamnit? Have you ever heard In My Life? Or The Funeral Song? No. I thought not.

So.. Naoko leaves for Japan tomorrow. I saw her when we got GCSE results yesterday, and saw her in town afterwards. We had our last conversation on MSN for a while:

thank u every1 i'm going 2 miss u !!! says:
can u imagine we are not going to see each other we will talk on msn....
thank u every1 i'm going 2 miss u !!! says:
well unless i'll get a webcam i could seeu but it's different to talk seeing each others face
I'm so happy cuz today I've found my friends, Theyre in my head. I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you * Mcr - 02.11.05 says:
thank u every1 i'm going 2 miss u !!! says:
u know u might not think I'm ur best friend but 4 me u r my best friend
thank u every1 i'm going 2 miss u !!! says:
the closest friend
I'm so happy cuz today I've found my friends, Theyre in my head. I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you * Mcr - 02.11.05 says:
aww, thankyou~ ;.;

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